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Growing Figs

Figs are very easy to grow:

Growing Conditions:
Figs tolerate moist conditions, but can also handle drought.   They need good sun exposure, but it does not need to be full sun.   It is best if they are planted in a warm microclimate, where they can absorb heat from a driveway, wall, patio, or other structure.  

Most figs in this area will produce fruit on wood that grows in the current year, so they can be pruned hard in the late winter / early spring, before the sap starts to flow (late February is good).  The material removed in pruning can be used to easily propagate more figs. 

Brown turkey figs produce good crops in this area, and are the main variety we are propagating.   We currently have one other variety, and are planning on offering at least 3 varieties of figs.

The eventual size depends on pruning.  An exceptionally cold winter will do the pruning for you, but in urban areas around dc, figs left to themselves generally get quite big, up to 12+ feet.   However, they fruit on current year's growth, and pruning can actually help stimulate fruit production, so you can easily keep them at a manageable 6 or 8 feet (height and width).