About Us

The Mount Rainier Fig Cooperative is working on planting thousands of fig trees in the Mount Rainier and Hyattsville area, in order to produce a marketable fruit crop.  Figs are easily propagated and grow well in this area with little maintenance.  We will be expanding to also produce asian pears and persimmons in the near future.

For a suggested donation of $5, we will plant 3 fig trees (via in-situ cuttings) at your house.  These trees will begin to bear fruit the following year.   After 2 years, there will be enough fruit for collection and sale, and the the coop will purchase the fruit from you and will sell it at local farmers markets and stores, or you are free to do whatever you like with your fruit!

There are no further responsibilities for participants.  If they like, they can harvest the fruits and sell them to the coop.  Or they can let the birds eat them, who will certainly appreciate their kindness. The coop will work on arranging for the marketing and sale of the figs in farmers markets and food coops in the area, for those who wish to sell their crop.  

To sign up for the fig coop, or for more information, please contact us via this online form.
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